Pet Gifts

In honor of my chickens' birthday today (okay, it's really their homecoming day, and YES, I celebrate all my animals' birthdays!), I thought it would be fun to share the types of things we get as gifts for our animal friends. For my chickens, it's not very exciting--they got broccoli slaw for their birthday cake this morning, for example!--but for other pets this can mean really fun things.

Rescue Box On Sale For A Dollar

Subscription boxes are so popular because they bring you a curated box of surprise goodies each month based on a theme that you like. Many of these services even give back when you use them, sending some of your payment to help people or animals in need. I just learned about a new box that has a great trial offer from Greater Good, a company I like to buy gifts at since each purchase helps fund cancer, child literacy, veteran, pet, rainforest, hunger and other projects. 


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