Math "8008S" Calculator T-Shirt - $6.98 Shipped

Math "8008S" Calculator T-Shirt - $6.98 Shipped

What is that there on that calculator? I guess it just says 58,008 ... oh heavens - until it is upside-down that is!

Feeling a little immature and want to express this on a t-shirt? Well you are in luck! Tanga has got you covered with the "8008S" ("BOOBS" - upside down on a calculator) shirt! You can pick up this great little upside-down calculator joke shirt for $4.99 with $1.99 shipping! - this is a must have shirt for all of us who long for the days of grade school math - before life got so hard, before all the complicated mumbo jumbo of daily life, and most importantly when all we needed was a calculator and an imagination to have a good time. I guess this shirt can take us all back to a time that was more simple, a time of "8008S".

I can not think of a better shirt with more positive message than this one - oh sure this shirt will not "save the world" but it can help out those of us with a sense of through our daily lives.

Now who didn’t do this age-old joke back in elementary, or hey for some of us even high school! It’s one of the classic ways to turn a boring math problem into a funny joke for the whole class. Screened on our 100% cotton T-Shirts. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, and XXXL. Please note that XXL and XXXL sizes cost $.99 cents more per shirt!

Pick up yours today (while supplies last)!