Free Access to Immigration Records from

Free Access to Immigration Records from

Search immigration records FREE on through Sept. 6th (this weekend).

What a great way to spend Labor Day weekend - looking up your dead relatives. In all seriousness though - this is a great way to find out more about where your family came from. This great little tool will help you learn about the past and look forward to the future and I think everyone should give it a quick look! Did you come from royalty in first class - or the dirt poor on steerage? What can these old immigration records tell you about the history of your family?

If you have the time to look you might even be able to put together a more complete family tree as a gift (for yourself or someone else) - little personal gifts like that are so great and in this case - free!

"They found a new life here. Just imagine what you might find. They gave up everything for a chance at a better life in a new place called America. Your ancestors were probably among these intrepid immigrants and from now through September 6th, you can search for them for free in the world's largest online collection of U.S. immigration resources.

They left everything they knew — sometimes even everyone they loved — to start a new life in a country called America. The immigration story is epic, filled with tragedy and triumph. Adversity and love. Loss and promise. And it’s your story too. Our vast collection of immigration resources helps you paint a rich portrait of the people who came here and the lives they created."