Fortune Cookie Soap Offers Whatever Wednesday

Many independent businesses rely on the demand for their limited products, which often sell out in moments. Fortune Cookie Soap is one such business, but they also offer their customers random pre-order events without limits to allow them to stock up. This month they held a poll in their customer VIP group on Facebook to see what they'd be interested in buying, and currently they are holding a "Whatever Wednesday" sale featuring Pirates of the Caribbean-themed body care products.

Getting Ready for Summer

Summer will be here before you know it, and while it's not my favorite season by any means, it does mean that I have to get ready for it. My teen needs new swim gear after outgrowing last year's, we have Father's Day to prepare (which also means charcoal and wood chips to get for my husband's seasonal grilling), natural insect repellant and sunscreen to buy and much more.

Great Gifts For Grads

Can you believe it's already graduation season? This year's grads, teachers and yes, parents who helped from home all deserve some recognition for an unprecedented year. So many people struggled. Some even lost their lives. The 2020-21 school year will be remembered by everyone who participated in it, and while those memories are going to be bittersweet in many ways, we still need to take the time to celebrate those who accomplished their goals and made it here. Making it through is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Shopping For Moms And Mother Figures

Mother's Day isn't just about biological moms. It's about mother figures, mothers who've passed on whom we miss dearly, mothers we mourn, mothers who've lost children and are very much still mothers, and even the mothering some have had to do to themselves after not having a mother figure. We can celebrate, mourn or even ignore the day however seems best in our personal situations.

Witchy Vibes

Witchy stuff is in right now big time and I'm loving it. My inner child is a little jealous, just like she was jealous when the Marvel franchise got big with the movies while she hid her comics in her textbooks as a kid. She also learned to hide her tarot cards, given to her by her beloved grandmother when she was 10 years old, and Book of Shadows when people started calling her a "devil worshipper" (once a little girl while I was making her food!). Many of today's witches aren't hiding; they are trending on Tiktok!

Haus of Gloi Birthday Lineup

Indie perfume and body care companies are my jam, and Haus of Gloi is one of my all-time favorites. They have a fantastic Amber formula for my fellow amber lovers, and every fall I can't wait for their Ghost Puffs scent, which is a roasted marshmallow/popcorn blend! This weekend they're launching their annual birthday line, which is a gorgeous blend of "Wild Cascadian huckleberries, butter cream frosting, clove spiced cake and wisps of incense all grounded in a base of our Haus Amber." Yummy, right?

Fun Spring Masks

Now that spring is here, it's time for spring mask season! As bleak as that sounds, it's also something we can do to lighten up a bit, especially if you're tired of wearing the same washable masks you've had for months. We have several that we rotate and wash but it's always nice to try out a new design, especially if that design says it doesn't make glasses fog. (Spoiler alert: no mask has done that for me yet, but soap on my lenses has helped.)