Great Valentine's Gifts

Do you already have a Valentine gift or two chosen for your sweetheart, child, parent, BFF, pet or yourself? Valentine's is so versatile because you can celebrate love with anyone, and it's just fun to enjoy treats with one another every now and then. So what do you plan on getting?

My teen made his girlfriend an adorable plush llama and I honestly can't beat that. I bought my husband a Deadpool funko pop, which he will love, but I'm thinking of making something, too. I normally do, but I just haven't been hit with inspiration just yet.

Valentine's Shopping

Can you believe it's already almost Valentine's Day? There's less than three weeks to gather goodies for our sweethearts, whether they be our friends, partners, loved ones, neighbors or even ourselves! I saw an adorable meme about a boy buying a card for his grandmother and it reminded me of my own. My dad also used to buy his daughters boxes of chocolates along with his wife. I guess that's why I have a more positive view of the holiday than many people do.

Your Favorite Pin Source

Once upon a time, I was a pin hoarder who used them on everything from my clothing to my backpacks. Most of mine were political in nature. These days I have a teen who collects a variety of pins, from artistic statements to, yes, a few political themes. I used to get mine at the mall--Hot Topic, Spencer's and the like--but my kiddo likes to find much more specialized ones online, or to even make their own.

New Year's Deals

Most of the time, New Year's Deals don't seem as great as other holiday deals, particularly when it comes to Christmas, but there are some really fabulous sales going on right now, especially in terms of big candle and bath and body companies. It's time for the semiannual Bath & Body Works sale, which happens every December and June, and you can often score items for up to 75% off. It's really the best time to buy from the company if you're a fan.

Gifts To Give Back

It's been a difficult year for most people, and if you're looking for someone to cheer up this holiday season, you probably have a wider scope to choose from. It might even include yourself. That's okay. We could all use some festive cheer while we're staying home, distancing and keeping safe.