Prime Day Follow Up

Last week Prime Day had many of us shopping in our pajamas for deals, but my family didn't really find anything we wanted or needed, so we didn't end up spending anything on Prime Day. I did notice that lots of other stores had similar deals or have started to promote similar deal days to compete with Amazon.

Prime Day Deals

Prime Day is here, which means a lot of deals on items that people are searching for, but only for a brief window of opportunity. While I'm trying to reduce my Prime shopping and spending in general, I definitely understand why people use Prime Day to get a few items they may need.

The various lightning deals are hard to pass up, especially if you have broken gadgets at home that need to be replaced, or you have some birthdays coming up to buy for. Many people even use this time of year to purchase holiday gifts.

Best Finds at the Spirit Store

The Spirit Shop always has always had some cool Halloween products for sale each year, and in recent years they've taken to selling lots of neat things we can keep out year-round. Last year I was able to nab some really neat decorations for almost half off at the end of the season, which makes me want to wait to save that much money again, but I know a lot of things sold out really fast last year, too.

Must-Haves For Furry Friends

When it comes to our animal companions, we have a lot of different preferences about what they eat, where they sleep, what they play with and so forth based on our own budgets and their needs and personalities. For example, I know that if I buy all those cute tiny cat toys for my cats, most will be ignored, and when my dogs were pups I couldn't buy the really cute little toys because they'd be gone in two seconds flat!

All the PSL!

It's PSL season officially and I'm seeing it everywhere! Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Dunkin... if they have coffee or ice cream, chances are they'll have pumpkin spice latte!
I'm not as big a fan of PSL as many people. I like to have it a couple of times throughout the season but I like other flavors, like apple, much better. Still, I love how it tells us fall is arriving!

New Fall Scents From Fable Beard Co

My husband and I are big fans of Fable Beard Co. Not only are their beautifully-scented products great on his beard, but they also work on my hair! A little goes a long way and we still have full-sized bottles from our first purchase last year!

This fall they're offering two new exciting scents. The Candyman is a caramel apple scent with salt and gooey candy that I can't wait to try. The Villager is dried oak leaves, cranberry, fall air and golden amber, which also sounds perfect for the upcoming season!