Great Spooky Buys

Last year the giant skeleton made its rounds as one of the most popular Halloween decorations, and this year the Cracker Barrel ghost was sold out before I could even see what it looked like (back in August, I think!). So while we hunt for something really spooky to make an impact with our Halloween decor this year, we have to keep in mind that they can sell out fast!

A Quest for Bath Bombs

According to some of the indie bath and body companies I like to buy from, bath bombs are scarce these days because there's a shortage of citric acid, which is a key ingredient in their production. Some of the shortages we're experiencing seem so random. For years we've heard about everything from chocolate to coffee (which are still possible to probable...) going scarce, but we've seen everything from TP to beauty products during the pandemic. It's not how I expected. How about you?

New Funko Pops

While I don't have an extensive Funko Pop collection, I have several in my house and am known to get excited about certain ones. There are two X-Men Phoenix and two Winnie (from Hocus Pocus) pops in my house, for example. So it's always fun to see what's new and what's coming, especially when it comes to Halloween!

Sugar Milk Co. Summer Sale

Sugar Milk Co. has always looked tempting to me. So many sweet treats! So many fun flavors! But I have enough lotions and perfumes so I always find it hard to justify spending more when I have what I need. That said, right now they have a 20% off sale going on through Sunday, which is super tempting. Just use the code PARTYSALE to get the discount. They have perfumes of all sizes, including minis for under $3 to try, lip oils (which sound super intriguing to me), lotions and many other products to try.

Combating the Halloween Buy Low, Sell High

Some are calling it smart business, but to many of us it's really just low behavior, especially in a pandemic. People are making a huge profit by buying all of a store's stock of hot items and reselling them online at much higher prices. This is especially popular with Halloween goods, which are rolling out right now. Many stores are already out of their hottest items on day one after people buy them up.