Caring for Winter Skin

This mild winter hasn't been as drying as many winters in the past, but it's still taken a toll on many folks' skin. A good moisturizer is important in maintaining skin health and comfort in dry weather, and everyone's preferences are different. What do you use for your moisturizer of choice? Share your favorite products in the chat.

Sweet Ideas For Your Sweetling

Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away! Have you already decided what you'll be purchasing for your sweetie--whether it's a family member, partner, loved one or even yourself? Don't forget to look outside the box this Valentine's Day and treat the person who's always there for you--yourself!

So many companies are offering Valentine's sales, goodies and specials this month that it would be impossible to list them all, but we can share some of our favorites here. Just a few of mine include:

The Most Unique Valentine's Gift

Folks searching for the most unique Valentine's Day gift ever may find what they're seeking at the Bronx Zoo. As unlikely a place as that sounds for a lover's gift source, the zoo is offering something much more unusual than chocolates or flowers this year. Their Name a Roach gifts allow people to pay to name a hissing cockroach after their beloved(s)! Why? Because "roaches are forever." It's...

New Year's Sales Continue

January is fully here and the New Year's sales all continue to land themselves in inboxes near you! From Bath & Body Works to Yankee Candle, Goose Creek to Candle-lite, there are sales on candles and other smelly-good products just about everywhere right now. The opportunity to make your home smell like peppermints or marshmallows is definitely here for those interested.

End-of-the-Year Sales

Every year it seems like the end-of-year sales after Christmas rival the pre-Christmas sales, if they don't shadow them completely. It's hard to beat 50 to 75% off items that you almost bought--or that you did purchase!--prior to the holidays, and right now it's the time to stock up on everything from drink mixes and coats to bath and body items and candles. It's a good idea to make a note of these sales for yourself each year because it's super easy to forget they're coming during the holiday hustle.

New Year's Eve Shopping

With New Year's Eve so close, I know I'm not going to have time to really go get items like party hats, noisemakers or activities for my family. The beautiful thing about that is that with a printer and some creativity, you can still order plenty of paper crafts to do from home if you need some activities to do with the family, kids you're babysitting or just for fun yourself.