Fun Halloween Finds

By this time of year I'm so ready for fall and all of its glory. The fact that I live in an old house without central air and with an abundance of spiders may help explain why! So when I heard that it's now JASON so it's Halloween season--JASON meaning the first letter of each month from July through November!--I knew that I could be shameless in my love of Halloween stuff hitting the shelves at any time.

Fourth of July Sales

It seems like every holiday, no matter how big or small, has a sale that comes with it in America. I honestly love the little sales as much as the big ones. National Cheese Day, am I right? The Fourth of July is no different and with it comes lots of sales, from mattress and candle companies to local sellers and indie stores across the Internet.

Queer Support vs. Rainbow Washing

When it comes to supporting businesses during Pride month, a lot of people have mixed feelings. On one hand, representation does matter; and as far as I'm concerned, normalizing is what we need to spread more acceptance and joy. On the other hand, these days corporations have the most power, so seeing them donate to anti-queer candidates and remain silent when they try to pass harmful bills and then cover themselves in glitter come June is just baloney. We can't stand for it.

Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is Here

The Bath and Body Works semiannual sale is here, bringing with it the deals that many shoppers wait six months to get. Twice a year the company puts forth a plethora of sales, many of them up to 75% of, so it's understandable that people might wait to buy anything until now. Of course, you also take the risk of things selling out, which usually happens to the items I want most!

Still, it is a great time to stock up on gifts for people who like the company's products, and they now offer pick-up from store, making it s a safer option for many shoppers.

Businesses to Support During Pride Month

Rainbow-washing isn't helpful for LGBTQ+ people. It's merely corporations slapping rainbows on their merch to make more money and LOOK like they're doing good while they don't do anything to support the community. Ask any of these places what they did while politicians attacked trans youth this spring with over 100 anti-trans bills and you'll come up with nothing. They don't deserve the business.

Fortune Cookie Soap Offers Whatever Wednesday

Many independent businesses rely on the demand for their limited products, which often sell out in moments. Fortune Cookie Soap is one such business, but they also offer their customers random pre-order events without limits to allow them to stock up. This month they held a poll in their customer VIP group on Facebook to see what they'd be interested in buying, and currently they are holding a "Whatever Wednesday" sale featuring Pirates of the Caribbean-themed body care products.

Getting Ready for Summer

Summer will be here before you know it, and while it's not my favorite season by any means, it does mean that I have to get ready for it. My teen needs new swim gear after outgrowing last year's, we have Father's Day to prepare (which also means charcoal and wood chips to get for my husband's seasonal grilling), natural insect repellant and sunscreen to buy and much more.