Cash Back Review: MrRebates vs Ebates

Who will come out on top?

If you are new to the "cash back shopping world", there is currently only two real giants of the industry that you need to know about - MrRebates and Ebates. The services offered by both of these companies are very similar but the pros and cons of the companies do vary. I have personally used both of these services for some time now and can absolutely say that they have saved me a ton of money over the years - which really adds up. So, without further ado - lets dive in and see what which one might be best for you (I didn't rhyme intentionally if that's what your thinking - okay, you got me - I so did).

Similarities between the two programs: FREE to join, $5 cash bonus when you sign up, No fees to use the service or get your cash back rewards, payment by PayPal or Physical Check, coupons and specials on the site to help you maximize your savings, good / great rebate "tracking" (in case your cash back is not posted), organization of "favorite stores" so you do not have to search for them each time you shop, relatively quick cash back, good / great customer service

Differences with Ebates:

Pros - Cash back comes every quarter (3 months) as long as you have accumulated $5.00 in earnings (not including referrals)

Cons - lower cash back percentages (on average)

Differences with MrRebates:

Pros -higher cash back percentages (on average)

Cons - Cash back takes 3 months to officially post to your account; can only be redeemed once you have accumulated $10.00 in earnings; and will be paid out in a batch in the following month after it has been approved (meaning it will generally take 4 months or more to be paid) - this amount of time is even longer when utilizing travel sites that do no post until after your trip has completed.

So what's the verdict? Well, both of these companies are pretty much equal except in the time it takes to get your cash back and how much you earn. With MrRebates, for example you get higher cash back amounts but it generally takes longer until you get the money back. With Ebates, you can get lower cash back amounts (on average - sometimes they are the same... sometimes even higher) but you will always get the cash in a relatively short period of time.

What's the verdict?

I think you should try and have both - that way you can always make sure to get the most bang for your buck.