6 Pack Wine Assortment - Free Shipping - $35.94

Are you planning on getting off the wagon? Sober life can be so challenging, right? Well my new flammable friend - you are in luck - because you can get 6 bottles of wine, a free corkscrew, and free shipping on a mix of 6 different California wines. What could be better? When you price it out that is roughly $5.99 per bottle - and it can be delivered right to your door (unless you live in a state like Pennsylvania where alcohol can not be shipped). With the money back guarantee offered - you can also get a full refund if your not completely happy! What's not to be happy about though - this is like a license to run wild in the streets!

I always get a little iffy about these offers because usually you have to purchase more or be a part of a "club" where they charge your card and keep sending you bottle after bottle. This wouldn't be such a bad thing if it weren't for the inflated prices - the old bait and switch. Well, this deal is not like that. You can buy just this box, and much like your old High School girlfriend did to you - stop all communication and get a restraining order. You will not be signed up for other offers, or charged for anything you did not purchase - making this deal more like a one night stand.

I think the selection all looks pretty decent, too, and you can always "gift" the ones you don't want to try (hopefully unopened). The advertisement indicates most of these wines can not be purchased at stores so this will also give you an opportunity to try something new - at a reduced price. You can get three reds and three whites - what more could one ask for? All you need to do is find a place to store this intoxicating liquid until your ready to consume. Might I also suggest a wine chiller?

Think of all the good times you can have with friends and family - drinking and hoping they forget you owe them all money. If you like you can also blast some old school Mariah Carey and have a sad party of one - alone. Perhaps you want do drunk dial that old High School girlfriend who forced the state to keep you apart - I guess it's fine as long as your at least 200 feet away, right? The choice is up to you - and so are the savings!

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